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20 Great Places to Visit and Enjoy While in Seattle – Part 1 of 5 (Activities)

Part 2 (Attractions)

Hello Global MVP Summit 2008 attending, Seattle-visiting MVPs! I’m Tom Archer, the MVP Lead for U.S. MVPs in the Information Worker (IW) space. (Think Microsoft Office client and Microsoft Dynamics applications.)

I’ll be posting a series of articles detailing some of the activities and attractions available to you when visiting the Emerald City. Obviously, with a city as large and diverse as Seattle, it would be impossible to cover every attraction. Therefore, I’ve come up with a list of 20 attractions where hopefully, you will find at least one or two that will appeal to your liking. Note that I’ve also tried to limit the excursions to the Seattle or Bellevue/Redmond area for easier location and transportation.

I’ve split the identified attractions into the following categories where each day I’ll post the next blog entry in the series.

· Activities

· Attractions

· Museums

· Tours/Sight

· Shopping


We’ll begin this blog series with a list of 4 “Activities” for the simple reason that it falls first alphabetically.

Lucky Strike Lanes ( – Located in Lincoln Square, Lucky Strike is approximately 25 minutes from Seattle and 5 minutes from the Redmond main campus. Lucky Strike is obviously a bowling alley, but unique in that it’s more geared towards a party/nightclub atmosphere as reflected in their custom décor, well-maintained pool tables and VIP Lounges. To get a feel for the venue, visit the Lucky Strike’s Web site, click on the Bellevue, WA link (left-nav bar), click the Parties link (top-middle menu) and finally click the Photos link (top-middle row of links). This will give you an idea as to the art-deco interior and feel of Lucky Strike and giving meaning to the various reviews:

“Bowling has never been associated with class or cool until now” – LA City Search

“A stylish modern place to roll a few balls” – Daily Variety

“Lucky Strike Lanes has elevated bowling from blue-collar to classy” – Orange Coast

One warning: Depending on your origin, Lucky Strike is not cheap! It’s geared mainly at parties and young socialites, so the cost is approximately $35/hr for the lanes.

Marymoor Park ( – Located about 30 minutes from Seattle and 10 minutes from the Redmond campus, MaryMoor Park is the most popular park in King County and one of the most diverse in the Puget Sound area, Marymoor Park attracts more than 3 million people per year to its 640-acres of diverse activities and visual rewards.

Included in the fun are soccer, baseball and cricket fields/pitches, the largest off-leash dog area in the state, a velodrome (where you can see live racing every Friday evening), large rocks for climbing and an RC (Remote Control) Flying Field.

As you can see, Marymoor Park is a locale for many physical activities as well as a beautiful setting for enjoying nature and watching others being active. Here is a map to help find your way around this large area as it’s easy to miss many of its wonderful offerings.

Finally note that MaryMoor park is located next to the Redmond Town Center – a nice little collection of restaurants and shops. If you do venture over that way and happen to fancy a great burger and the best shake in the Seattle, ask for Mario or Kirsty and tell them that Tom sent you!

Recycled Cycles Bike Rental – ( – Bicycle riding is one of the most popular activities in the Northwest United States as punctuated by the proliferous number of bike routes running throughout the state of Washington. In fact, Redmond – with its annual city street bike race and the state’s only velodrome (see the section for Marymoor Park) is widely recognized as the bicycle capital of the Northwest”.

In keeping with that reputation, Recycled Cycles (located in Seattle) specializes in renting new, used, and reconditioned bikes for trips along “The Burke” where you and your family can enjoy the spectacular views of the area’s waterways and mountains.

The Burke trail is an easy-to-moderate ride for almost any skill level and has lots to offer along the way, including natural habitats, playgrounds for the kids, restaurants (and yes, restrooms!). At the end of the trail, you can even take time to visit Seattle’s wine country!

The Parlor ( – As an avid pool player, we’re now onto my favorite pastime! The parlor is a very upscale billiard/pool hall with 34 tables – including 8-foot, “pro 8-foot”, 9-foot and even a 12-foot snooker table. Please note that if you’re a serious pool player, this is not your old-fashioned pool hall where you’ll see a lot of “action”. In fact, I oftentimes refer to the The Parlor asa night club with a lot of pool tables”. However, if you’re looking for a very hip, cool place (note that most people tend to be in the younger, fashionably dressed crowd) to have drinks, good food and just shoot pool for laughs and fun, then this is a great option. There are also very plush VIP rooms and lounges for private parties and get-togethers.

Finally, while I don’t know the timeline on this, I do know that Steve (the owner) and Dan Louie (local professional pool player) are training a team of “vixens” (very attractive female pool players) who will mingle with the patrons; illustrating various trick shots and playing games of 8 and 9-ball.

One last note: If you are a serious player looking for more of a traditional pool hall, contact me and I’ll point you to the less glamorous, more “real” side of the pool playing community in the Seattle area J

What’s Next?

In this post, I’ve detailed 4 of my favorite activities that I share with friends and family when they visit the Seattle area. Hopefully, at least one of these will tickle your fancy. In the next entry to this series, I’ll cover “Attractions”!


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  2. Here is some ideas

    Inn at the Market

    Teatro ZinZanni

    The Crumpet Shop

    Pike Place Fish Market

    Steelhead Diner

    Underground Tour


    For more go to

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