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Beware of UPS Virus!

The latest virus making the rounds is the ‘UPS Delivery Failure’.

With this virus, unwitting victims receive an email from the “UPS Packet Service” along with an alleged packet number.

The mail will claim to be from UPS and will explain that UPS was unable to deliver a package to you. You are requested to print the attached invoice.


Opening or attempting to print the attachment will launch the virus.

Please inform anyone in your social/work circle about this virus as it has already caused millions of dollars in damage.

Note that this has been verified via the Snopes Web site


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Laura Chappell’s Fave Network Forensic Tools

Last day at Tech*Ed and Laura Chappell is presenting her favorite products – most (obviously) focused on network forensics. The ones I especially liked are the multifunction NetScan Pro Tools, KeyGhost and – if you have kids (or are a kid at heart) the SumoBot Competition Robot Set:

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Marcus Murray Tech*Ed session on hacking

As a C/C++/Assembler programmer, I’ve always been interested in security and exploits. Working now at Microsoft, I had the opportunity to work closely with the Security team in getting the Windows SDK to pass various security measures in order to ship. During this time, I met security guru Michael Howard, read his book and learned much from those experiences.

I just completed watching a session that – after 20+ years of attending such conferences and sessions – was the most impressive session I’ve seen. Called “A  Hackers Diary: How I Can Hack Your Vulnerable Services and How You Can Stop Me” and given by Marcus Murrary, the session had great live demos, was perfectly and covered a complex topic in a very short period of time. I’ll definitely be reading much more of Marcus’ work and be checking out many of the tools he discussed. Look for some articles from me on this topic as this session really excited me about getting back into this passion…

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